Our Philosophy

Our firm belief is that every child can learn—regardless of their current level, educational label, or background. By taking the approach that instruction and curriculum need to match the student, rather than trying to force the student to match the instruction and curriculum, we achieve success.

We are passionate about results. For this reason, the reading instruction we deliver is based upon the findings of the National Reading Panel, which in 2000, documented the reading instructional approaches that produce the highest rate of success among students.

The panel concluded that there were five main approaches that led to the highest rate of student success. These were later coined “The Five Pillars of Reading Instruction.”

The five pillars are:

1. Phonemic Awareness (knowledge of the individual sounds within words)
2. Phonics
3. Fluency
4. Vocabulary
5. Text Comprehension

If these five pillars are in place, students will have a strong foundation for further education. If they are not in place, the task of higher education becomes extremely frustrating and difficult.

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All Community Learning Center professional and volunteer tutors are trained on the five pillars of reading instruction and how to apply them with their student in tutoring.