Broward County

Summer 2016 Motivational Pep Rallies

Our mission at the Community Learning Center is to improve the lives of students through education, inspiration and motivational instruction. Our passion and goal is to create positive changes in the attitudes of every student that participates in one of our programs. These pep rallies encourage students to not only do well in school, but also to have the determination to become whatever they want to be and to do something positive EVERY DAY.

Eddie Powell, outstanding motivational speaker, is bringing fun six-week enrichment programs to your community facility or rec center for children ages 5 – 14 years old!

Each interactive session is two hours, one day per week and will teach your students the following:

  • “I Am Special” – Self-will, why they are special and how to be determined
  • “I Love Myself” – Love for self, family and community
  • “You Can Become” – Learn how believing in yourself can help you achieve anything
  • “Your Story Starts Here” – Learn how to write your own life story using the You Can Be Life Skills manual

For more information and to schedule Eddie Powell to come to your facility, please call (954) 818-6163.


Eddie Powell and his proud students holding their Certificates of Achievement

“Many students have learned confidence and have exuded a more determined feeling to succeed after this program. I’ve witnessed the eagerness the students have to be a part of this program. Mr. Eddie Powell believes that in order to succeed, it must first start within. He has developed several phrases for students such as “I am special”, “I can”, “I believe”, “I trust” to avoid self-doubt and raise self-esteem, both mentally and emotionally.” – N.L. (educator)


Eddie in character as “The Reading Ninja” at a Pep Rally