Success Stories

“Javarius was bringing home F’s on his report card and he had a poor attitude about school. On his last report card, he had no F’s. He pulled his reading grade all the way up to a B. Now, he does his homework without being asked. His attitude has completely changed for the better!”  – L.S. (mother)

“Before tutoring, Brandon would cry when it was time to do his homework. He used to feel completely lost and would become very upset. He had an F on his report card in math and a D in reading and writing.”

“Shortly after he started his tutoring program, Brandon’s attitude started changing for the better. His teacher noticed that his self-esteem had greatly improved. Now, he does his homework without being asked and I don’t have any problems to handle. He pulled his math grade up to an A and his reading and writing grade up to a B! He is so much happier and feels smarter now.” – N.F. (mother)

“My granddaughter, Jasmine, was making C’s, D’s and F’s. Since she has been working with her CLC tutor, she is making A’s, B’s and C’s. She is excited about school! Her self-esteem has gone way up. She is so proud of her schoolwork.” – M.N. (grandmother)

“Alex was averaging a low C in math prior to tutoring at the Community Learning Center. During her tutoring sessions, Alex gained confidence and speed with her math drills. Since Alex started tutoring, her grades have improved and currently she is maintaining an A average!”

“We have really enjoyed our time with the Community Learning Center. Her tutor and the staff are friendly, courteous and genuinely concerned about each student’s success!” – A.J. (mother)

“After going to tutoring, my daughter, Kiara, went from below grade level to above grade level. She is also writing much better. She even got an award for improvement from her school.” – K.T. (mother)

“Doing this program has helped me through most of math in 8th grade. I used to be slow in multiplication but now it is easier because of what I have learned and it is very simple. Also, I learned that in division, instead of doing the entire problem, I learned how to do it in a fraction. I used to be terrible at fractions. Adding and subtracting fractions with two different denominators was hard for me before I came to the Community Learning Center tutoring program.” – D.T. (student)

“Because of tutoring, my daughter, Danielle, has improved in two weeks from reading 34 words a minute to 84 words a minute at school. We are all very pleased with her progress at the Community Learning Center!” – M.G. (mother)

“You helped me read. You helped me learn. It’s fun to play scrabble. You always get the stuff that I like —scrabble, games and reading. I like to learn like you. And I want to be smart like you. You’re the best teacher. You’re the smartest teacher and care for the children. My CLC tutor helped with math and reading so I could pass 1st grade and get smarter like you.” – A.P.M. (student)

“Before she started tutoring, Angela was failing in math. After tutoring, she is above average in math and now feels confident when doing her math problems. Before tutoring, I could hand Angela a dollar and she would ask five other people if it really was a dollar. Now, she is certain about numbers and money and doesn’t have to check with others first.” – M.P. (mother)

“I thank our Community Learning Center tutor for all of the academic help she gave to my son, Juan, and for being patient and teaching him addition, subtraction and multiplication. With this help, he was promoted to the second grade in the middle of the year (he had been held back in first grade). I am very grateful for all of this help.” – L.E.A. and F.M.J. (parents)